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“The ShuttlePro is a handy device that will help speed up your workflow and avoid repetitive point-and-click operations in the music-making process, which can often disrupt the entire process and make it time-consuming and tedious.”
Forum user MechanEvil reviews the ShuttlePRO v2.
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“This is really cool, I haven’t seen a new mouse concept in a while… there’s a little bit more accuracy than actually using a mouse.”
Jeffery Powers talks to Contour Design’s James Golden about the RollerMouse Red at the 2014 SXSW festival.
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All Things Ergo

“You could probably repel an office intruder using the RollerMouse Re:d as a club, and still be able to mouse with it afterwards.”
Ergonomics enthusiast Jason McIntire writes about his experience with RollerMouse Red for the blog All Things Ergo.
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The Chris Voss Show

“It’s just blowing my mind. I thought it could be great.”
Chris Voss does a full review of RollerMouse Red plus after encountering it at SXSW 2014.
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Geekster Labs

“I definitely did notice while using it that it’s kind of nice to not have to constantly be taking your hands off the keyboard and going to the mouse every time you want to move back and forth.”
Omar Correa reviews RollerMouse Red plus on video.
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